* Money accepted for payment *

I no longer accept Pay-Pal, Credit or Debit Cards due to Scams and Fraud.


Deposit * Mail A $1,000.00 Personal / Business Check / Cashiers Check and be added to my work order list. All Coops & Runs orders will be built in the order they are received.Simply Call and place your order today! 770-324-5138 and drop the deposit check in the mail.

I accept Cash or Cashiers Check made out to David’s Chicken Coop or David Rice.

*Personal or Business Checks are accepted but the total balance must be paid in full up front & cleared through the bank before the coop will be picked up or delivered. (please allow up to 7 days to clear)

Delivery charges & coop / run must be paid up front before the coop will be delivered unless other arrangements have been made.

When mailing a check for your order, Please make sure your contact information is correct, (contact phone & delivery address). When you call or email me with the order you’re wanting, I will in return email a Work Order with all your coop and or Run details and total price delivered or picked up. Please call or text me with any questions. 770-324-5138

*All Special ordered Coops & Runs (special paint-stain /roof colors) will require Full payment of the total amount up front before the construction will begin. No refunds on special orders once construction has started.
Mailing & Pick up address;

David’s Chicken Coop 189 Nicholson Circle – Turtletown, TN 37391