Chicken Coops

Why buy David’s Chicken Coops over the others?

#1) Best Value for your money.
#2) Built to Last a life time.
#3) Simply the Best Coops!

The Coop d Villa house is built without a floor for easy cleaning.

Simply use a square headed shovel and clean out the old pine shavings and add new pine shavings. An excellent compost material to add to your compost pile and then on to your vegetable garden & flower beds.

Adding more nesting boxes and customizing is your choice so Please call or email me today and we can discuss it and work out those special details you want.

1. Most Popular Size Coop D Villa is the 8′ x 6′ x 7′-4″

Basic Starting Price on the 8′ x 6′ coop d villa $1,175.00
Or get it 100% Completed with the 4×4 pressure treated base & oil base stain & sealer for the Best Value Price at $1,350.00

This size coop d villa can handle up to 24 hens with free range access.

The basic 8′ x 6′ coop d villa comes with 16 ft. of roosting bar – 2 double nesting boxes (so 4 hens can lay at the same time). A sliding chicken door either in the main entrance door or built in the back or side of the coop so you can add a free run area.

The Coop d Villa is Just Beautiful – It looks great no matter where you put it – Need More Nesting Boxes ? Need another Chicken Door ? Etc; No problem.

Call me, I can modify and make changes so this Beautiful Coop d Villa is just right for you. Extra charges will be added for extras.

Upgrade to a bigger Coop D Villa in 8′ x 8′ x 7′-4″
100% completed Pick it up for only $1,600

2. Coop D Villa Deluxe 8′ x 12′ x 7′-4″

Very Nice all-in-one coop and run priced at $2000 picked up.
Call for delivery price.

3. My smallest coop d villa.
The 6′ x 6′ x 6′-4″ Basic with no base or stain $950
or 100% complete w, pressure treated base & stain $1,150

This smallest coop d villa can handle around 4 to 5 big hens confined to the coop or up to a dozen with a free range / run area.

It has 2 single nesting boxes, 11′ of roosting bar, chicken door. Very Cute Little Coop d villa!

*Remember all coop d villa framing is #1 pressure treated so it will last!

Simply The Best Coops

I can design and build that Special coop for your feathered and furry friends.

Easy Payment & Options

$200.00 deposit is required on all orders. You can use PayPal or mail a check for the deposit then the balance will be due at the time of pick up or delivery.

I do accept most major credit cards through PayPal.

If you choose to pay for your order with a credit card there will be a 3% fee charge and will need to be added to the final statement. Call me for the total cost.

4. Chicken Run’s 8′ x 16′ x 4′–4″ $1,000 & 8′ x 16′ 6′-4″ $1400

Very Nice run’s to add to your Coop d Villa. Stained to match!
I have 2 sizes and they include the tunnel from the coop to the run.

All pressure treated framing with a 4×4 base, 1″ x 2″ welded wire, Entry Door.

Call for delivery price.

5. 20′ x 46′ x 8′ Chic~n~Picket Run!

Just beautiful! Custom built to fit; Built on site! Custom sizes/shapes available.
Call for details.

Previous Built Coops and Runs