Chicken Coops

Why buy David’s Chicken Coops over the others?

#1) Made in the USA!
#2) Built to Last Using the best American Materials .
#3) Simply the Best built Coops in the world!

The Coop d Villa house is built without a floor for easy cleaning.

* Who wants to use a putty knife to scrape out dried chicken poopy or mop the floor ? :-(

Let’s make things easy; Simply use a square headed shovel and clean out the old pine shavings with the poopy stuck to the shavings and then add fresh new pine shavings.

The old pine shavings with the poopy is an excellent compost material to add to your compost pile and then on to your vegetable garden & flower beds.

1. Coop D Villa

base measures 8′ x 5′-5″ x 7′-4″ tall Cash: $1,500 / Credit: $1,560

Very Nice Coop that can handle up to 6 hens confined * This Coop has been the best seller simply because most folks have a trailer to haul this coop on so it made it a great choice.
It has a chicken door so if your chickens have free range access this coop can do the same as the bigger 8′ x 7′ coop d villa below.

2. Bigger Coop D Villa

base measures 8′ x 7′ x 7′-4″ tall Cash: $1,700 / Credit: $1,765

* 4×4 pressure treated base & oil base stain & sealer.
This size coop d villa can handle up to 20 hens with free range access or 8 hens confined to the coop.
Look at the pictures for all the details of this size coop d villa.
The 8′ x 7′ coop d villa is roomy and comes with 21 ft. of roosting bar – 2 double nesting boxes (so 4 hens can lay at the same time). A sliding chicken door can be put on either side (Your Choice) or it will be in the back of the coop.

3. Coop D Villa Deluxe

base measures 7′ x 12′ x 7′ tall Cash: $2,400 / Credit: $2,500
Very Nice all-in-one coop and run

This beautiful all in one coop d villa deluxe is ideal for up to 12 hens confined to the coop. It’s an ideal solution for the back yard farmer with no free run area. Up to 12 hens can live in this coop and be healthy with all the exposure they need to be happy. The completely covered roof keeps the run area drier on rainy days verses an open top run.
This 7′ x 12′ deluxe model has 24′ of roosting bars, 2 jumbo nesting boxes so 2 big hens can lay at the same time. (Keep in mind that chickens are very social animals so sharing nest or waiting in line is normal when it comes to laying their eggs.)
If you have questions about chickens just give me a call. ( who ever said that each chicken needs it’s own nest?:-X)

4. Salt Box Coop

4. base measures 12′ x 5.5 x 7′-6″ Cash: $1,900 / Credit: $2,000

Order the coop natural with no stain & Save $200.00 on this salt box coop

Ideal coop for 6 to 8 chickens confined to the coop. It comes with one double nest and a chicken door.
Add a extra double nest for $65.00 each

5. The Flock Wood Coop

* The Cadillac of all the chicken coops * The Biggest I build.

2 sizes to choose from

5-A (base measures 12′ x 7′ x 9′-2″) Cash: $2,800 / Credit: $2,900
Comes with 2 double nesting boxes & 28 ft. of roosting bars and a chicken door.
5-B (base measures 14′ x 7′ x 9′-4″) Cash: $3,350 / Credit: $3,480
Comes with 4 double nesting boxes & 38 ft. of roosting bars and a chicken door.
Order either size Flock Wood Coop “Natural” with No Stain & deduct $250 off totals above

Add extra nesting box for $65 each.
Extra chicken door $25 each
Extra entry door at $75 each

Choose a Stain Color

Standard stock colors are;
Black Oak, Brown Oak, Redwood, Avocado Green & Ginger bread.

You can see all of the standard colors on the scroll that runs across the top of the home page.
The stain is an oil based penetrating product so colors may vary some.

Any other colors other than the standard colors listed above will be an extra charge.
If you want save a few dollars you can with a all natural coop with no stain or sealer.
Call for that Special All Natural price.


Choose a Roof Color

Your choice of metal roof colors at no extra cost.
Galvalume, Red, Green, and so forth; just let me know because I can get most any color.

Easy Payment & Options * Money accepted for payment

$200.00 deposit is required on all Cash or Cashiers Check orders. (Sorry, no personal or business checks accepted for more than the deposit of $200.00)

Mailing & Pick up address; David’s Chicken Coop 403 Lovvorn Road - Cedartown, GA. 30125

I do accept most major Credit Cards & Debit Cards through “PayPal only”.
note* If you choose to pay for your total order with a Credit Card or Debit Card your order must be paid in full before delivery or picked up. Please call me with any questions at 770-324-5138

Options; PayPal Credit and pay all totals up front and place your order fast with no deposit required then make low monthly payments. Subject to credit approval. Click on the PayPal link below for this payment option.

6. Chicken Run’s w/ entry door

stained or un-stained to match your coop.

Small run (8′ x 5.5′ x 40″ tall) un-stained: $500 / stained: $550
Medium run (8′ x 7′ x 6′-4″ tall) un-stained: $800 / stained: $875
Large run (14′ x 7′ x 6′-4″ tall) un-stained: $1,300 / stained: $1,400
* Included with all runs is a 15″ x 15″ x 24″ tunnel to attach to a coop *

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