I’m Sold Out until further Notice

Sorry * I do not sell any Roosters

I only keep my favorite pullets & hens available for you to purchase.
The Golden Comet.
She’s a beautiful Large brown egg layer at $25 each. If you purchase a coop get them for $20 each.

I do not ship chickens *** If you purchase a coop and have it delivered, I will deliver them within a reasonable distance also this is limited due to crossing State Lines.

The Pullets / Hens have been fully vaccinated and some have had their beaks trimmed.
Excellent Layer * On average this Golden Comet Hen will lay 300 plus eggs a year! Wow! That’s a lot of eggs… so, don’t waste your time & money on just any old chicken. This Hen will pay her way and then some…

My chickens are limited in quantity so call and check my supply. I do my best to keep them year round.

Personally I think their the best brown egg laying chicken money can buy and if your looking for pets, these girls will steal your heart away.
After owning the Golden Comet a few months you’ll understand why this is my favorite chicken and the only one I sell.


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